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About Us: We're Cat Loving artists creating Gifts for Cat Lovers. Since 1986 our passion for kitty cats has driven us to create the most fun fashions for feline fanciers! We love delighting cat lovers and being able to give back from our profits to help homeless cats. Win, win, win!
Anna, Owner of Meow.com
Anna & Stosh
In 1986,  I created the cat T shirt design "Cats Coming and Going."  This front and back "Cat Butts" design evolved into the Hep Cat Catalog, a collection of unique gifts for cat lovers. It featured fashions, designed by myself and other cat loving artists, cat apparel and clothing for cat lovers such as cat T shirts, sweatshirts, and nightshirts. At this time our business was known to the cat loving public simply as "Hep Cat". Over the years a plethora of unique cat themed gifts were added.
Over the years, I've had the honor to work with amazingly talented artists, like Tanya Whitley and Michael Cressey. I love to offer items that are created by real cat loving artists like the incredible Tyber Katz.
 ~Being a feline fancier myself, I know what cat lovers treasure: high quality, unique, cat-themed items and helping cats in need. In 2009 we shifted from mailing a catalog to being 100% online.  For the past 35 years, it is such a delight for me to offer unique cat products right here, online while being able to help homeless cats and kittens by donating a percentage of all profits. I'm passionate about cats and am dedicated to helping them.  I'm also committed to creating "raving fan customers" by offering customer service that is personal and second to none. I take "The Golden Rule" seriously and treat customers as I would like to be treated. I guarantee you'll be 100% satisfied or your money back!
Exciting update! January 2020: we decided to go back to using our original name of HEP  CAT! Goodbye "Meow" (we are no longer associated in any way with any "Meow" website) Hello again, "Hep Cat"! Our new web address is now HepCatShirts.com!
We love your comments and suggestions and look forward
to hearing from you! Happy Shopping!

 Of course we couldn't do any of this without the inspiration from our CFO's (Chief Feline Officers)
Former: Harry, Sugar, Bootsie, Mister Snuggles, Nonnie, Lilly, Stosh, Bubby-Chucks, Mingus, and Mister Meow
Why Hep Cat Shirts are the BEST: WE use only the best highest quality shirts made in the U..S.A. and we never, never, NEVER, use transfers or transfer processes. These transfer shirts might look good at first and are definitely cheaper to produce but a shirt which is screen printed with ink placed directly on the fabric, look better longer, even for years to come. This is how Hep Cat creates its cat designs. We use great art, award winning screen printers like Anderson Studio of Nashville TN, and high quality heavy weight U.S. made garments.  We also offer our "Purr-fect" guarantee. You must be 100% satisfied or we will exchange your item
or refund your money if you return your item within 14 days.


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