Keep Cats Safe this 4th of July

29th Jun 2020

 Fourth of July Pet Safety TipsThe Fourth of July can be a happy festive time for your family and friends but did you know that more pets go missing during the time around the 4th of July than an … read more

Our Mission: To Save Lives; YOU can help!

15th Jun 2020

We here at are very concerned about saving the lives of cats and kittens.Sadly, every year hundreds of thousands of unwanted “pets” starve to death, are killed in accidents, or euthan … read more

MEOW no more!

11th Jun 2020

MEOW NO MORE! Are you looking for the website previously known as “Meow”? You’ve found us! We are no longer “Meow”… in fact any website with the name “Meow” is NOT us! You will not find any of … read more

Gift certificates are PURR-fect!

Posted by Anna, Head Cat Herder at HepCatShirts.Com on 4th Jan 2017

Keep Calm and give HepCatShirts.Com gift certificates! GET THEM HERE!Why? They are Easy Peasy! Take care of your gifts from the comfort of your home, in your jammies!Give a gift of any amount. Your f … read more

PAY PAL? Yes, we do!

1st Jan 2017

You've been meowing for this and you now have it! YES! you can now use PAY PAL for a payment option on We love the ease of Pay Pal and we don't have to go looking for our credit card … read more