MEOW no more!

11th Jun 2020


 Are you looking for the website previously known as “Meow”? You’ve found us! We are no longer “Meow”… in fact any website with the name “Meow” is NOT us! You will not find any of your old favorites, like “Cats Coming and Going” or “Ain’t Gonna” or “Real Men (admit they) Love Cats” or “Butch and Sundance” at any “Meow” website… no you won’t! Why? Because we are now known as! Here at you WILL find all your old favorites!

If you find any “Meow”… it isn’t us. If you buy a product from them we cannot vouch for their quality or service. We have absolutely NOTHING to do with Meow any longer.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away (1986 in Nashville TN to be exact) we created the design Cats Coming and Going. We started our business known as Hep Cat and sold our unique designs through a mail order catalog. Oh man! Remember “Snail Mail” and a time when no one even had heard about the interweb or funny kitten videos? 

We do!

Anyhoo… we are so glad you found us here. You will find all the products and excellent service, you have come to know and love in the past 34 years. PLUS we now are actively involved in donating 20% of all profits to CAT RESCUE! We are working closely with a wonderful group of local volunteers who do a remarkable job of saving the lives of feral and homeless cats and kittens. You can find more information about Rutherford County Cat Rescue HERE.

Welcome to Hep Cat Shirts (formerly “Meow”)! Thank you so much! If you need anything, you may contact me at


Anna Grupke

Owner , designer, and head cat herder.