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I love, love, love my sweatshirt.  Well made and designed.  I will get another one in black after the holiday.


Irish linen towel is a work of art! This towel is even more beautiful in person. I have not washed it yet, but it seems very sturdy. may be too beautiful to use as an actual towel... Even if it ends up being more use only for display, it's well worth the price.

 I own many, many nightshirts and T's from this company. I can't say enough nice about them. They are high quality, wash well and wear well. What more could you ask for? I'll be back for more!! ~D. Parrit

"Greetings! I recently purchased a few things after stumbling across your webite, and I wanted to express how happy I am with them (especially in time for Father's Day this coming weekend)! I'm sure my dad will absolutely love the Cat Dad tee, as well as the free "Real Men.." one that was added to my order. Much appreciated! The "Cats coming and going" I'll be keeping for myself. ;)

Thank you again!  I'll be keeping bookmarked from now on. :)

Yours truly,
-Mister the King, and his human Alexis


I was just folding my old pink t-shirt with the cats front and back which I've dearly loved for well over 20 years. I saw the A. Grupke/1986 on it and thought... what the heck. Google it. I did. Found an interview with Anna, which led to the website, which led to my ordering some more. Just thought I'd send you a message telling you how much I've enjoyed my shirt for so long. You don't even have one like mine any more. It's gotta be vintage! Yours is a great story. I'm an artist too and it inspires me. Maybe someday I'll come up with a design like you that will circle the globe... one can only hope. Thanks!"

"Some twenty or so years ago, I bought an "Are You Fixed?" "I didn't know I was broken!" cat shirt from Hep Cat. (one of a number of shirts I ordered...all destined to be favorites!)
I wore that shirt so often, getting tons of compliments on it, and lots of laughs.
In about 1996, that shirt was partly responsible for getting me introduced to a songwriter at a Music Conference in Nashville...he spotted me and had to read the shirt. (Years later, Stuart Watson was my band leader and cowriter, when he told me that one reason he'd recognized me as one of the few 'real' songwriters was because only a real country writer would wear jeans, cowboy boots, a black leather newsboy cap and a t-shirt like THAT to a conference!
As time went on, and I continued to wear my favorite t-shirt, Stuart brought on board a drummer named Dave Indigo...who I fell in love with and later married! We're still happy together a dozen years later...
I have often told the tale of how my favorite shirt was partly responsible for MEETING MY HUSBAND, my favorite drummer, and my band-leader brother friend...
and I hope it got a few folks to spay/neuter along the way.

Three weeks ago, while out riding with my husband, I had an accident and the paramedics cut my favorite t-shirt off of me, but I have been blessed throughout the adventure, and I'm healing quickly!

I'm really sadder about losing my favorite Hep Cat shirt than about the couple thousand bucks we owe the medics... ;-D

Do you still have those shirts available? I really miss it. And I do love spreading the word about Spay/Neuter!!

a fan from the very beginning! ~(Martha DeWolfe Bolig)

"I've had my first Cats Coming and Going long-sleeved T-shirt (and many other cute ones, including the cat with the spilled milk and the one falling through snowflakes) from Hep Cat Shirts, for a dozen or so years.  I'm so excited to get a new "Party All Night..." shirt, as mine had to go in the trash bin after it was almost in pieces from such frequent use!

Thank you so much -